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R. Nelson Parrish; Color Theorist

August 9, 2012

Renowned color theorist and Soul Poles family member R. Nelson Parrish made his way east, from Santa Barbara, to Park City last week to wrap up his exhibition at the Kimball Art Center, affectionately named Color/Fast. Nelson has a propensity for creating what he calls "racing stripes" on a variety of mediums. His latest installment at Kimball consisted mostly of striped totems such as this...
Nelson's trip was not "soulely" for his art exhibition though, he also spent plenty of time with us in the shop doing this...
As we said, Nelson likes racing stripes and that's what he was here for; painting racing stripes on his beautiful rendition of the '12-'13 Soul Poles LTD. Edition Soul. If you are unaware, Nelson will be doing a new rendition of the LTD. every year for the foreseeable future. Last years looked as such...
This years' is not at all similar but no less striking. Below are more pictures of Nelson at work and if this post left you hungry for more info on our favorite color theorist/artist then please visit his website at

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