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Soul Update: 7/31/12

July 31, 2012

After a short hiatus while waiting for our parts to arrive, the shop ninjas are back in action down in the shop. This marks the beginning of phase 3 for us at Soul Poles, or more specifically, the final phase! The glue guns are hot, the straps and caps are assembled onto the grips, and our favorite artist, R. Nelson Parrish, is in the shop ready to paint your LTD. Edition Soul Poles. (More on Nelson to come) As we work through this last phase we are completing our final quality control stage before the Soul Poles reach you as well. Each and every pair is carefully examined for the smallest of imperfections at nearly every stage, and in this last stage a label will be added so you know exactly who has looked over your poles to insure that they're of the utmost quality for you. Trust me, we wouldn't put our name on it if we weren't proud of what we are making. As stated in our previous post, we have changed sources of our bamboo since last year in order to preserve the integrity of our product, and just as we thought, it was for the better. We can't help but exclaim nearly every five minutes how awesome these new poles are and can't wait for you to do the same. If you are as antsy as us for the coming season and the arrival of your new Soul Poles, I can tell you that the wait is nearing an end. In the meantime, here are just a couple pictures of phase 3 for you to enjoy while you wait, and if that doesn't satiate your need to see what's happening, then stop by the shop for yourself and we'll give you a full tour.
Stay tuned for our next post where we'll tell you all about The Man, The Myth, The Legend: R. Nelson Parrish as he paints the new LTD. Edition Soul Pole for the '12-'13 season.

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